New audiovisual media in the IE University campus of Segovia

During the last summer, there were improvements made in the audiovisuals of the main areas of the IE University Campus of Segovia aimed for the classrooms and students use.

In the classrooms, we have replaced the traditional projection system with new innovative eighty inch touchscreens.

  • These displays can be used as Digital Whiteboards and there exists the option to send to the students the content saved on these screens.

We have set up new audiovisuals in the Chapter Room:

  • Touch Automatic control systems
  • Desk Wireless Microphones
  • Wireless Presentation System
  • Video Conferencing System
  • Large-Format Monitors, 80” with FULL HD Resolution

This space now incorporates new technologies that will enhance all those events that will take place in this room.

In the Student Hub the monitors have been replaced with larger ones:

  • 70 inches and 55 inches

Significantly improving the viewing area in this room.

In the new space, the Architecture Studio we have set up a seventy-inch touchscreen on a ROLL-ABOUT stand.

  • Students can connect their laptops to these screens and use them during their presentations.
  • This rolling stand allows you to move the screen anywhere within this space at any time.