IE will implement a pilot with CANVAS, a Learning Management System (LMS)

The Instituto de Empresa is continuously looking for technological solutions in the market which could add value to the educational requirements presented by the institution.

Due to this the Department of Learning Innovation has promoted the idea of implementing a pilot project with a new Learning Management Systems software (LMS), called CANVAS, in collaboration with the totality of the Departments of IE, involved in this process: Technical Support, Planning, Publishing and Faculty Department.

The software which was launched in 2011 has already been adopted by some of the best business schools worldwide, e.g. Harvard Business School.

As it works in SaaS environment, and thanks to its biggest strengths, simplicity and stability, CANVAS has experimented a considerable increase during the past 4 years.

For the pilot project IE has chosen an Executive MBA Program in Blended format with 35 students and 24 professors who will provide valuable and constructive feedback through their experience and will help to determine if CANVAS, in fact, will be the LMS software which IE needs in order to face its challenges lying ahead in the future.