Launching International Mobility web for the Outgoing IEU students

IE University´s International Mobility and the Bachelors Management departments in cooperation with the IT Department have launched the first phase of the new web for the management process for IE University outgoing students, who are applying to their course selection at IEU Partner Universities.

This first phase implements the management process of the “Learning Agreement” which includes: on one hand, the IEU approval of the Outgoing student course selection at the Partner University, and on the other hand, the management of the applications by the International Mobility and Bachelor Management departments through the module of Atenea “International Mobility Management”. This module allows to manage the complete student’s academic life-cycle as an Outgoing student.

This new system simplifies: the loading process of the students’ subjects, communication between students and IE University, real-time monitoring of the process, and helps students and the Departments involved in the management process.

Currently, International Mobility and Bachelors Management departments together with IT are working on developing the second phase of this web. This phase will cover the students’ bidding process so that they are assigned a Partner University for their Exchange.



“This new online platform greatly simplifies the management of the international mobility of our IE University students which stay long periods in our partner universities, but also the staff responsible for helping students throughout the process degrees, from its selection until their return to IEU” Miguel Larrañaga – Vice-Chancellor for Student Affairs

“This new platform will have a very positive impact in the efficiency process and communication with students, providing speed and automation to this process within our operations.” Laura Rojo – Executive Director BBA