Changing IE’s corporate image – the Information Systems challenge

Implementing the new image required for the new corporate brand architecture involved a great deal of team work and coordination across all IE’s departments. The IT Department has been working on all corporate applications since November 15 to ensure that the new logo is now displayed on all platforms.

The IT team has updated our corporate image on over 200 websites and 65 blogs, and made the necessary alterations to 70 CRM templates and the Atenea and IE Campus education management process platforms. Thirty templates of the professor and program evaluation surveys were also reviewed, as well as the format of invoices in AX, the ERP used by the finance team.

The team also updated IE’s Dashboard, the reporting system which presents key performance indicators used to support decision-making processes; the new document management platform, audiovisual systems, Office 365, Gmail for IE, Yammer and ServiceDesk were also updated. The corporate wallpaper of more than 1,300 computers and classroom screens have also been changed over the last few days, as well as those of 14 applications for mobile devices and user manuals.

The vast majority of these changes were executed in the early hours of November 15, when they were applied to practically all corporate applications. Thanks to the planning and participation of all the IT teams, in coordination with the rest of the participating departments, the change of the logo was successfully implemented, and no incidents were reported. Thanks everyone!