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Videoblog of Economic Analysis

In collaboration with the Communication Department, we have launched the videoblog of Economic Analysis, a platform of videos carried out by our prestigious scholars specialized in Economics, who thanks to their extensive professional experience, bring us closer to the current economic environment.

Gayle Allard, Enrique Dans, Fernando Fernández, Gonzalo Garland, Juan Carlos Martínez Lázaro, Francisco Navarro, Rafael Pampillón, etc. are some of the teachers who leave us their valuable testimony about public debt, the effects of politics like Brexit or Trump, basic income, or even, digital transformation, but always from an economic point of view.  All of them have been managed and recorded by Igor Galo from the Communication Department, and Javier Vallas, our Audiovisual team.

Do not miss the last video in which Enrique Dans makes a very interesting reflection on Voice-User interface (VUI):