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Changes in the WiFi network

As part of the drive to improve WiFi access for our students, we have created two separate WiFi networks that have replaced the current “Alumnos” WiFi network.

·        “IEstudents” WiFi network: for use with 5Ghz devices (most smartphones, computers, tablets, etc.); and

·         “IEStudents_Alt” WiFi network: for use with 2.4 Ghz devices (older style devices).

Having two separate WiFi networks for these two different types of devices will afford optimum browsing speed for 5 Ghz device users. Up until now, having a sole WiFi network for both types of device meant that when an old style 2.4 Ghz device accessed the “Alumnos” network, the browsing speed slowed down for all other users, given that the networks adapted to the speed required by the “weakest” device.

We decided that this improvement in WiFi access was a good time to rename the network in accordance with suggestions made by some students. They told us that because they are looking out for “IE”, they often try to enter into the “IECorp” network. Hence we decided to call the new networks “IEStudents” (for the 5 Ghz network); and “IEStudents_Alt” (for the 2.4 Ghz network).

Students who use 2.4 Ghz devices, only can see the “IEStudents_Alt” network, while students using 5 Ghz devices see both networks.