Select Menu Style

This setting determines whether the course menu appears as plain text with a colored background or as graphical buttons with text on them.
When choosing menu colors, select colors for the background and text that display a high level of contrast to ensure readability and accessibility.
To change the Menu Style:


On the Control Panel,
expand the Customization section and select Teaching Style.


Go to Section 4 “Select Menu Style“:


As you make choices in the Select Menu Style section, the Preview sample menu shows what the settings will look like once submitted.


Select Text and choose the background color and text color by accessing the contextual menu to access the color swatches. A large palette of preset colors is available, or you can provide a hexadecimal color value.
Select a color and click Apply.


Select Buttons and expand the Button Library to choose from the following options:

  • Button Type: From the drop-down list, select Pattern, Solid, or Striped.
  • Button Shape: From the drop-down list, select Rounded Corners, Rectangular, or Rounded Ends.
  • Button Color: Optionally, to narrow the available choices, type a color or button name and click Search.

As you select each option, the buttons in the Button Library change to reflect the current choices. Click a button in the library to select it


Click Submit to apply the changes to your course. Click Cancel to exit without changing.