Printing service

The IT Department offers a printing, photocopy and scanning service to all students, alumni, professors and employees. All the Campus buildings have a Xerox MFP equipment which the users can use to print in B/W and color, copy in B/W and scan documents, both in B/W as in color and send them to your official email.

Who is use?

  • Students
  • Professors
  • Staff

How to obtain this service?

On the opening day of the program, you will be given your student ID card which will also serve to print.  The service will be activated from that moment.

How do I set up my computer to print?

Printing from Windows Computers

ico-video ico-pdf

Printing from a Mac Computer

ico-video ico-pdf

How can I print in black and white in Mac computers?

Print in black and White in Mac computers


How can I print, photocopy and/or scan?

Print, scan and photocopy


Where to get help?

If you need technical assistance for any of the IT services which IE offers, please access the ServiceDesk.

You can also call us at this number 91 568 96 23 (92 141 53 15 for the Segovia Campus) or send us an email at You can also visit us at any of our Support Department offices in: Pinar 15, María de Molina 31 (3rd floor) and 31 bis (7th floor) as well as in the 4th floor of Segovia Campus.

Office hours:

Mon. – Fri. 9h – 21h
Sat. 9h – 15h

Are you using the service for the first time?

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Remote printing from mobile devices

Configuration of the remote printing system that will allow you to send orders for printing from any device and anywhere.


From where can I send the documents to print?

From computers for consultation, classroom and workroom computers provided that you start a session with your student and professor username and password. You can also print from your configured personal computers connected to the WIFI network “alumnos”.

How can I view my balance?

The balance on your card can be viewed in the printer itself in from the moment you gain access with your username and password:


How can I recharge my card?

The card should be recharged in Maria de Molina 4 and on the first floor in the Segovia University Campus.